Testimonials From Students


Our Achievers For Year 2010


Uma S. Gune
AIR : 111
Percentile : 99.65
College : B.V.P college

I joined Growwell Classes on the recommendation of my senior who had benefited immensely from it and I am happy to say it was the same case with me. The notes provided were very good. The concepts were explained in a lucid manner by Tarun Sir which is very important for cracking concept based examination like GPAT. The flexibility in class timing was of utmost importance for me since I had to travelled from panvel. Quite a few times the points sir emphasized on have appeared as questions in papers. All in all with Tarun Sir at the helm Growwell Classes have certainly played a very important role in my success and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to any GPAT inspirant.

Kiran Bhilare

AIR : 111
Percentile : 99.84

First of all, I would like to thank Tarun Sir because of whom I have achieved this success. Sir used to make every effort to present the material in a very precise manner covering most of the important topics of GPAT syllabus. The test series, question answer session encouraged us to study throughout the year. GWE is a class I would highly recommend for every GPAT inspirant.

Manali Milind Taskar

AIR : 550
Percentile : 98.31
College : VMHP Shah College of Pharmacy

“Where there is a will, there is a way” that is what GROW WELL Classes has taught me. They instilled the right spirit and confidence in me, and I owe my good score to the teaching and the encouragement given by Tarun sir. The classes have been an immense help in preparing in the right way for the exams. I got guidance about how to study, what to study and how much to study every topic which is the key to success in such competitive exams. The regular classes helped me in in-depth understanding of the subjects and the test series helped consolidate all the knowledge. Plus the classes have a have very flexible time schedule and the provision of extra classes for missed out portion is a real benefit. The classroom teaching is very innovative and fresh. I would truly recommend Tarun Sir for a sure shot success in the Pharmacy competitive exams.

Ms. Aditi Nagardeolekar

AIR : 222
Percentile : 99.31

Joining ‘Grow Well Education’ was one of the best decisions I made. Sir guided me in the right direction so as exactly what to study out of such a vast syllabus. He cleared my basic concepts, which enabled me to answer the questions logically. The interactive method of teaching and the test series helped to maintain my focus on studies. Sir helped not only with the GPAT and other entrance exams preparation, but also arranged various seminars about the current and future prospects of the pharmaceutical industry which informed about the newer avenues available after PG.
I would like to convey ‘Grow Well Education’ my sincere gratitude and well wishes for the future!

Rama Bhide

AIR : 96.83
NM : 4thrank

I came to Growwell not expecting that I would be achieving 96.83 percentile. I didn’t have the faintest idea how to go about it. But with Tarun Sir, anything is possible, literally. His guidance and motivation is accompanied by perfect teaching and conceptual knowledge.
The USP of Growwell is not just the flexible timings or the excellent test-series or the prompt solving of doubts, it is the counseling given for the students post results. This feature will not be found anywhere else. Also, this is what is needed the most since the students do not know what is to be done and how once the results come out.
So, joining Growwell is the right choice that I made and I hope it will prove to be that way for others too.

Supriya Vijayaraghavan

Percentile : 98.44

A saying goes, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs”. I am glad that I chose GROWWELL as the stairs for my journey. The concept-based teaching, test series and the flexibility of the classes are the specialties of Growwell. Tarun Sir’s motivation and his positivity has always been one of the important factors for my achievement. ‘Growwell’ lives up to its name; and I did, indeed “Grow well”.

Swapna Nair

Percentile : 97.06

One of the greatest gifts I have given to myself is joining Grow Well Education. Tarun sir has been a constant source of motivation, inspiration, encouragement and support. With his gentle, firm and sometime down right blunt guidance, I was able to achieve clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality. With the interactive and student oriented classroom sessions, study materials of the highest standards, test series, flexibility in timings and all those extra classes, I was sure that it wouldn’t be too difficult to perform well in GPAT. What sets GWE apart is the degree to which Tarun sir takes personal interest in ensuring each student’s success and the post-GPAT counseling sessions.
Thank you sir for your valuable support.

Bhakti Sadrani

Percentile : 99.49

I joined the Grow Well classes on the suggestion of one my seniors and it proved to be the best guiding force in my preparation for the competitive exams. Tarun Sir has been a source of motivation throughout my journey. He always kept the zeal for learning alive. His teaching is precise yet encompasses all the fundamental concepts. Learning the syllabus of all the four years is a difficult task indeed, but sir manages to cover all the important aspects and make the process of learning much easier. The study environment in the classes and the question-answer sessions provided the much required impetus to study harder. The test series helped me to test my level of preparation and thus boosted my confidence. The interactive sessions in the classes and Tarun sir’s motivation indeed helped me to succeed in the competitive exams.

Our Achievers For Year 2009

Sneha Iyer

Toppers testimonial – Sneha Iyer (GATE’09 Score – 97.6 percentile)
Currently pursuing M.Pharm(Pharmaceutics) at K.M.Kundnani College of Pharmacy.

Destiny is not a matter of chance,it is a matter of choice.Making this choice of joining Tarun sir’s classes has surely changed my destiny.Knowing ‘How to study’ is more important than knowing ‘What to study’ and that is what Grow Well has given me.The well structured notes especially for subjects like P.Analysis ,one to one doubt solving sessions,guest lectures and most importantly the positivity and zeal that sir instilles encourages one to perform consistently well.Mix all these with your hard work and you are sure to churn out success.I highly recommend GROWWELL to all pharmacy students.

Vrushali Kulkarni


Thank you Tarun sir.Joining Growwell has not only helped me getting into UICT but also helped me develop my personality.The confidence in me today owes a great deal to the competitive and cooperative environment at GWE.Doubt solving sessions and in depth explanations of basic as well as applied concepts helped me to reach my goal.Register with GWE and fulfill your goals too.

Aparna Mulay


The main reason why I joined Growwell was that there were always alternate schedules available for the same class. Such flexibility allowed me to focus simultaneously on my university exams as well as to prepare for NIPER. Tarun Sir’s teaching is unique and the way he explains all concepts excellently correlating them is remarkable. I highly recommend GROWWELL to all pharmacy students